One Hundred Flowers
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An Invention & Disruption Practice

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An invention & disruption practice


Invention is the act, disruption is the effect.

As an invention and disruption practice we do two things.

Primarily we invent, developing solutions for important societal needs.

Secondarily we consult, helping organisations to reinvent themselves for a sustainable future.

Invention is an important aspect of a sustainable world. 

Which is the basis of our values, and the reason we work in four specific sectors.

We invent because we believe in ‘better’.

We are an Equitable Value Network.

Those three words are in opposition to disparity, wealth and hierarchy.

We’re good people, trying to make a better world (and pay the bills).


A name with a story

'Let one hundred flowers bloom. Let one hundred schools of thought contend.'

These words are part of a very old Taoist poem.

Like the Taoists we believe that change is the only constant.

And ideas are the only unlimited resource.

The blooming flower in the picture is Heather.

The national flower of Scotland is of a genus of plants known as Fire-climax.

They need older growth to burn away to make way for the new.

We are living in a Fire-climax economy.

A time of growth through reinvention.