One Hundred Flowers
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Our people, our network, our model

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Our people, our network, our model


One Hundred Flowers was founded by Don Smith.

After a twenty year career as a Creative Director in the advertising, design, marketing and digital technology fields, Don set up One Hundred Flowers to be an inventor.

And the first invention was this organisation itself.

All of our Equitable Inventor Network (the Inventors) come from diverse backgrounds and are independent consultants, not employees.

From music to microbiology, from sustainability to strategy, our careers have given us broad and valuable experience.

Because of this we are capable of making connections that lead to completely new concepts.


As previously mentioned, simplicity is our core measure of quality.

And our operating model is very simple.

We invent in our four key sectors and we share the value of our inventions.

We work with investors, both individuals and organisations when we need to develop our inventions.

We work with executional partners to take our inventions to market.

Below is a diagram of our operating model, the numbers relate to inventions.

EBN - Equitable Benefactor Network

EIN - Equitable Inventor Network

EVCN - Equitable Venture Capital Network

EEN - Equitable Execution Network


Value is a very important word to us.

We believe in the ‘Skin in the game’ philosophy.

Everyone involved should have a vested interest in an invention’s success.

One for all and all for one, as they said in seventeenth century France.

If you'd like to know more about the model, or would like to be involved in any capacity, please get in touch.