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Transference, our philosophy of invention

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Transference, our philosophy of reinvention


Invention differs from innovation.

In line with the systems theorist Russ Ackoff, we define innovation as continuous improvement and invention as discontinuous improvement.

One develops the components of an established system, the other develops a new system. 

When we consult with organisations, we apply our philosophy of Transference. 

In a disruptive economy, all organisations should be considering Transference.

Transference is best understood by reading the two articles below.

We are in the process of developing a separate Transference website.

We refer to it as a philosophy, and as open source thinking as we don't believe in rigid methodologies.

Transference is designed to be flexible, fluid and adaptable. 

Our process of invention

We believe in simplicity, and we apply a simple process when inventing. 

It consists of five stages, which we believe are at the core of all conceptual thinking.

They are information, understanding, hypothesis, validation and execution.

We use a bespoke toolkit at each stage, built from our broad understanding and experience of the following subjects.

Design, technology, philosophy, economics, psychology, strategy, innovation, disruption, sociology, contextualisation.

Contact us if you'd like us to talk you through any of our approaches in more depth.