One Hundred Flowers
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Our values, our goals, our sectors

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Our values, our goals, our sectors


Why? Its the most important question of all.

And usually the most difficult to answer.

But there are four core beliefs, or values, that underpin everything we do, and who and what we do it for.

Equality beats disparity

Better beats more

Connective beats mechanical

Important beats novelty

'Important' relates to the sectors we work in.

The great inventor Richard ‘Bucky’ Buckminster Fuller wrote a book called Critical Path, in which he outlined his thoughts on a sustainable future for humans.

To survive on this planet we need to focus our inventive capabilities in four critical areas. 

Health - Energy - Environment - Interstellar space travel. 

In truth, only the first three are about our sustainable existence on the planet.

The fourth is important because if we mess it up, we need to have a car waiting to get us out of here.